How do you improve the great British tradition that is Cottage Pie? Give it a chips and cheddar roof, that’s how. DUKES’ approach to home improvement is as simple as it is tasty.

120g Chips
200g cottage pie filling
20g smoked cheder

Place the cottage pie filling into an ovenproof serving dish. Fry THE DUKES according to instructions, drain and place on top of the pie filling. Top with the Cheddar and bake in the oven for 10 minutes until the cheese has melted

A delicious dish to conjure up a taste of our gastronomic adventures in the Middle East – rich and creamy hummus, gloriously partnered by the DUKES proper pub chips dressed in a spice coat to tantalise with far-flung flavour favours.

120g Chips
3g spice mix
40g hummus
2g sumac
50g tomato
20g tahini
3g coriander

10g ground cumin
10g ground coriander
5g cinnamon
10g salt

Combine the spices to make the spice blend and set aside until needed, saving the remainder for another time. Fry THE DUKES according to the instructions. To serve, ‘smear’ the hummus onto a serving plate, add the tomatoes and the fresh coriander. Toss THE DUKES in the spice blend to coat well, add to the plate and finish with a drizzle of tahini and a sprinkle of sumac

Inspired by our adventures in the Far East, and improved by our potatoes from the EAST COAST. Tender chicken strips with delicious Katsu sauce, nestled on a bed of Britain’s finest, naturally proper pub chips.

120g Chips
75g Chicken strips (3 pieces)
75g Katsu sauce
10g Pickled ginger
2g black sesame seeds
2g spring onion
2g coriander
2g salt

Fry THE DUKES according to the instructions, drain, season with salt and place on a serving plate. While THE DUKES are cooking, stir fry the chicken strips in a hot pan with a little oil. Once cooked, add the katsu sauce until each piece is coated well. Cut each strip in half and place on top of THE DUKES. Sprinkle with sesame seeds, spring onion and picked coriander and serve with the pickled ginger on the side

A fabulous Sunday roast dinner wrapped in a glorious pocket of Yorkshire Pud. Now open your eyes and here it is. Comforting as a cuddle from Matron when you’re feeling homesick on a chilly winter evening.

120g chips
1 8” Yorkshire pudding wrap
2 slices of roast beef
30g of gravy
40g cauliflower cheese
30g stuffing

Warm the Yorkshire pudding in the oven for 30 seconds or until it’s pliable. Fry THE DUKES according to the instructions. To assemble, place the wrap on a plate. Top with the slices of beef, gravy and cauliflower cheese. Add the stuffing to one half of the pudding and THE DUKES to the other half. Roll the pudding to wrap like a burrito and serve

Here’s a little treat straight out of Old Duke’s Caribbean Cook Book. Naturally-cut
DUKES chips, spicy jerk, pineapple, mayo, coriander with tasty melted cheddar on top. Zing Zing!

120g Chips
2g spice mix
20g cheder
15g jerk sauce
15g pineapple mayo
2g spring onion
2g coriander

30g salt
20g all spice ground
5g dried thyme

200g pineapple juice
250g mayo

Make the pineapple mayonnaise by reducing the pineapple juice by half and blending into the mayonnaise. Set aside until required. Make the spice mix by blending all the ingredients together. Set aside until required. Fry THE DUKES according to instructions. To assemble, toss THE DUKES in the spice mix until well coated and place into a serving dish. Top with the Cheddar and place into a hot oven for three minutes until the cheese has begun to melt. Drizzle with the jerk sauce and pineapple mayonnaise, and finish with a sprinkle of spring onions and fresh coriander before serving

Ice cream and chips! Really? Yes really! Three scoops of delicious vanilla ice cream, salted caramel, popping candy and a portion of DUKES natural-cut, proper pub chips. What’s not to like?

60g chips
3 scoops vanilla ice cream
2g salt
20g whipped cream
40g salted caramel
10g chocolate coated popping candy

Fry THE DUKES according to the instructions, drain and season with salt. To assemble, place a scoop of ice cream into a serving cup. Drizzle over some salted caramel sauce, place a few DUKES on top and sprinkle with popping candy. Repeat three times then top with whipped cream and more popping candy